Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pine Glades Lake

There are many interesting places in the Everglades National Park for Photography.  But one of the best-kept secrets in the entire park is probably Pine Glades Lake.  There are no signs indicating where to turn.  Pine Glades Lake is located between Pinelands Trail and Pa-Hay-Okee.  It’s the third road to the left after the entrance to the park.  The dirt road to Pine Glades Lake winds for about half a mile to the lake. 

As soon as you arrive you can park your car and set your camera to start shooting.  Pine Glades Lake is a great place to photograph the sunset.  You can literally set up your tripod at the edge of the lake and start shooting.  You can do close ups, panoramas, landscapes and portraits.  Take out your zoom, your wide angle and a fish eye, you can do them all.  The colors are amazing and you can continue shooting up to 35 minutes after sunset, so do not leave, you might just be missing the best shots.  Oh, one more thing, do not forget the mosquito repellent or you will be eaten alive.

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