Saturday, March 12, 2011

Curaçao Carnival 2011 a GREAT SUCCESS!

Without a doubt Curaçao Carnival 2011 has been a great success, some are calling it one of the best in history.  The show presented 33 groups, including a group from the Dominican Republic that brought its traditions as part of the festivities.

It was amazing to see the organization, the color and the roots embedded in the party.  This year the Tumba Zapato (Shoe) of the performer and singer Hendrik de Windt was a massive success turning the parade into a real road march.  At some point or another every group played it as part of their presentation.  The Tumba Zapato compel to thump your feet to its sounds.

All of the groups definitely had awesome presentations.   Curaçao Carnival 2011 was a unique and exhilarating experience, the Main Parade a long lasting celebration for both spectators on the roadside, as well as for the participants who marched and danced.  The fun event invited people into the celebration.  The customs were colorful, exotic and vibrant.  The customs presented by local artist Nena Sanchez was inspiring and represented the colorful aspects of the island. 

The success also went to the people that danced, partied, celebrated, enjoyed and turned Curaçao Canival 2011 into a real fun family event.  No major incidents were reported and even traffic did not seem to bother anyone. 

Curaçao well done!!

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