Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Verde Gardens by Carlos Alves

Recently we had the opportunity to capture images of the recently inaugurated community park Verde Gardens in Homestead.  The park is part of the Carrfour supportive housing project supported by personalities like President Bill Clinton and former heat player Alonzo Mourning.

The park was designed by famous mosaic Miami artist Carlos Alves after being awarded by the Miami Dade Art in Public Places to lead the project.  The idea of the community park was to create a public plaza that would contribute to the identity of the community and bring a sense of ownership and pride to residents.

The result is an eye-popping mosaic based community park.  Carlos created a concept in which he integrated mosaic, native plants, metal, sculptures and other elements.  The park is intimate, relaxing and simple amazing.

Carlos divided the whole area into four individual theme areas and interconnected them with walkways, later adding his mosaic art to close the circle and create a space for all.

The meditation garden is a corner to relax and to inspire visitors there are ponds and mountains created with tiles where you can find fish and water concepts to calm your mind.

The butterfly garden has a series of benches and sitting areas to be able to rest and enjoy the views of colorful butterflies placed in the different pathways.

The sensory garden invites you to explore and stimulate your awareness of the surrounding by taking you through gorgeous paths embedded with different designs.

The gratitude garden a place that invites you to share with friends and play games, an area to relax after work with friends.

The central area of the park showcases two large metal leaves surrounded by benches engraved with tiles in the shape of flowers and plants.

 Carlos and JC took the time to incorporate native plants, which certainly enhance the experience, teach you about the surroundings and invites local fauna to move into a new home.  During the shoot we found birds, butterflies, caterpillars and even a frog hiding from the heat in his newly adopted home.

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