Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ideas for New Year Photographer's Resolutions

It is still time to include some photography resolutions in your New Year’s long list.  The options are endless, just commit the time and the passion that you have and you will become a great photographer.

Shoot RAW – You want to start shooting for real then switch your picture quality setting to RAW.  Do not be afraid, as soon as you do you will start noticing an improvement.  Yes your photos will be heavier and will occupy more space but the advantages of shooting RAW are far beyond the amount of images that you will be able to save in your card.

Accept critique with an open mind – Receiving criticism is not easy but it is the only way you can improve your art.  Show your work to others, both photographers and not, and listen to what they have to say it will help you improve the way you shoot and the way you create your images.

Learn how to use your camera – This is something that everyone should do, but as with other things we never read the manual.  Most of the times we have no idea of what the camera is capable of doing and what each button is for.  Take some time to review your manual and most important to use and push every button, see what they do and the results they produce while you are creating amazing images.  Become an expert in your camera.

Forget the AUTO mode – Auto settings are not always accurate and they do not allow you to create and get the result you want.  Learn how to use manual settings.  Start by using the Aperture Priority Mode first, understand what Depth of Field means and then jump into Manual Mode.  Learn from your mistakes while you learn how to use the Manual Mode.

Avoid your camera flash – Learn about light and the amazing effects they can produce.  Forget your camera has a flash.  Lean how to shoot with wide-open aperture, test decreasing your shutter speed and increasing your ISO settings.  Use a tripod and if you have the possibility invest in good fast lenses.

Set goals to accomplish this year – What ever they are set them and accomplish them.  They can be as simple as learning a photo technique every day or as fancy as getting your work published in the cover of a major publication. 

Connect with other photographers – Photographers like to share their work and how they accomplish it, connect with them, go to photo shoots, workshops, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, read their blogs, join photo communities in your area, the options are endless.  Network with photographers and improve the way you shoot.

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