Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Mystery of the Biscayne’s Bay Piano

An abandoned piano was found on a sandbar in Florida’s Biscayne Bay.  It’s a mystery:  Who placed a 600 lb piano in the middle of a bay and more intriguing went unnoticed?

It’s been a mystery for almost 20 days since neighbors of Miami Shores started noticing the Piano, the news went viral after NBC Miami posted the news.  Why is it there: a prank, a bet, a domestic dispute, maybe its part of the opening events of the New World Symphony building.  No one seems to really know and no one and as long as it does not cause problems for boats and wildlife then it will not be moved.

It had to be well planned.  It is placed in the highest part of a sandbar, which prevents the high tides from covering it.  Even dolphins have been spotted in the surroundings, maybe trying to investigate and understand what that strange object is.   Pelicans and seagulls are already making it part of their daily stops.

Independent moviemaker Billy Yaeger just came forward claiming credit for the placement of the piano, saying he and his wife (a very strong woman) hauled it there while shooting a film, ‘Jesus of Malibu’.  He goes on saying they’ve left five pianos around the world in different locations as an artistic protest.

Anyway it’s a fun and curious news.  The piano is a nice addition to the bay and a highlight for many people in Miami.  Maybe some one can teach the pelicans and the seagulls to play the piano and serenade couples, creating a real piano bar in the open waters of Biscayne Bay.

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