Monday, January 17, 2011

Miami International Art Fair 2011 Draws Art Enthusiasts

The Miami International Art Fair opened its doors on Thursday January 13 for a preview with a selected few and for an enthusiastic art crowd from Friday to Monday January 17. 

MIA offered an energizing new wave of performance projects and the first viewing of America’s most exciting mid-winter contemporary art fair, with 25 local and 48 international dealers and artists; some of the dealers being artists themselves.  Featuring contemporary, emerging, conceptual and modern art of all media, including photography, installations, performance and video. 

The diversity and offering of art variety created excitement and curiosity of both adults and children.  The techniques used and the creativity continues to amaze as new and modern technology is incorporated into art creation.  Simple materials as straws and paper bags up to miniature led screens are being incorporated and used to create amazing pieces for art lovers and collectors.

MIA Art Fair was sponsored by Collectrium, The Art Newspaper, Seven Sea Cruises, Florida Design Magazine, Opci Wine Company, Black River Caviar and Tesla Motors.  Hopefully this list will continue to grow and as requested by many the Art Fair can start having an event also during the summer months.

Several book signings took place, also lectures and panel discussions as well as video screenings.  MIA opened its doors with great reviews.  MIA great art exhibition will certainly continue to grow year after year.

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